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Gwenevir M. Arthur
        Our lovely protagonist, Gwen strives to enjoy every second of life.  Her friends rarely see her without a smile, and even then it's only those who are closest to her.  An avid gamer, Gwen rules the local arcade which is like a second home to her.
        Gally is a shy and quiet girl, nearly Gwen's complete opposite.  She smiles rarley and laughs never, yet has become close to Gwen in the short time they've known each other.  Gwen is slowly beginning to find out that there is more to Gally than is immediately apparent.
        Dawson is an employee at the local arcade, and is Gwen's closest friend.  He'll often go out of his way to make her happy, and is willing to do just about anything for her.  He can often be found handling the boring or mundane tasks around the arcade that Dan is unwilling to do.
The newest employee of the arcade, John is subject to every malicious prank Dan, Dawson, and Gwen can come up with.  Developing a strong friendship with Gwen shortly after he was soundly whipped in his favorite game, John has come far under her guidance.
        Manager of the arcade, and Gwen's second oldest friend, Dan enjoy's little more than causing John misery.  Together with Dawson, he makes sure Gwen wants for nothing.